Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - the letter H

Welcome to Alphabitty Moments! Again, I will point you to the button on the left hand side of my blog for the specifics on the carnival. Or better yet, visit the posts written by other bloggers who participate - they do a much better job of summing up my carnival than me. I was suppose to price and sort 3 baskets of clothes for a garage sale tonight, but I was too excited to do this week's pages. Work can wait right? (at least until I'm done posting) I may be super busy these days, but nothing compared to last year around this time. This year we get to enjoy the nice weather and not pack/sell/sort/clean/move/paint/refinish/organize/clean/unpack.

I spent the day working from DunnBrother's Coffee house and then wrapped up my work day at a photo shoot. When I got home we spent the next three hours playing/fishing/eating/hiking. These are the days I want to remember - the days of spending so much time playing "pretend meat dinosaur in the hallway with Daddy" that three pairs of pajamas get worn out in one winter.

Sam's dinosaur obsession is still going strong if you hadn't noticed. It's gotten to the point where I had to make him change into these pajamas so he wouldn't wreck any more pants or pajamas. These started with a small hole left over from when my cousin, Porter, wore them 3 years ago. I'm afraid these are not going to make it into Julia's pajama drawer next winter...

Julia's page wasn't an obvious choice for me at first, but now that the work of tracking down old pictures of her in bows is done, it's neat to see the transformation of her curls. (click on the images to see the dates the pictures are from) Her hair has changed SO much in one year! I'm glad I've been documenting the transformation. Maybe by next year it will have reached her shoulders! Long or short, curly or straight - someday there won't be a row of bows hanging from a ribbon in my bathroom, so we're going to enjoy them while they last....

You are more than welcome to add your link to the Mr. Linky even if you aren't on the letter H. It'll be up until next week so be sure to stop back and see the new participants throughout the week. Thank you to all of you for visiting and commenting on other people's posts. It always brings a smile to my face to see a familiar name in the comment on a blog I haven't read before. You guys are the BEST!



  1. Great H's. I love both the holes and hair bows. I especially love the shot of your little girl in the grass. Too sweet.

  2. Great job!! I love Julia's hair! I wish I had done a better job documenting the changes in my 7yo's hair. It went from a jet black pixie cut when she was born to bleached blond by the time she was 1!

  3. Great pictures! I love the hair bow through time, she has beautiful hair! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Julia's all about the hair. I love it. Adorable work, as usual!
    My mom just got done patching a bunch of Zachie's pants. Those boys are hard on the knees, aren't they?

  5. oh my gosh I'm not sure which I love more. the holes or the hairbows. both are GREAT pages.

    I keep saying I'm going to catch up. But I haven't ever remembered to do the weekly pages...ah someday

  6. How perfectly this depicts boys and least MY boys and girls anyway...dirt, holes, pretties, bows (although our girl doesn't mind the dirt either:))

    Hopefully I'll get mine up soon...I'm having a hard time deciding on the H!

    and her hair is A-DORABLE!!!

  7. awesome ideas! holes is a great one and the fact that he got those holes by playing with daddy is priceless!!!! and i LOVE that you have a picture of the same bow when she varely had hair and then two years later, the same bow with tonssss of hair! great job!!!!

  8. Thanks for doing this Carrie, it is so fun.

  9. I LOVE the hair bows idea! Your photos are awesome.

  10. Also...I just saw your tweet about the rotovirus. I'M SORRY. It STINKS. We'd never experienced it until this winter, and it was just like you said.... a sheet change after every nap. And have you noticed the "egg smell?" SORRY...ugh...I'm having flashbacks. I'm going to think about "meat dinosaurs" and pretty hairbows in curls instead!!!!

  11. Well, better that my alphabitty moments be late than not at all ;-)
    And can I just say Ohhhhhh Myyyyy .... SB hair is adorable! I'm sure it must be frustrating some days, but in these pictures truly truly beautiful!


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