Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wake up! It's giveaway time!

I'm guessing that I'm not the only one feeling like little 4 week old Kyle in this picture.

I keep telling myself that if only there were more hours in the day I could play with my kids more, design more blog book pages, snuggle with PapaBear more, exercise more, make healthier meals etc...

Currently I'm juggling 4 jobs: Mom, Photographer, Blog Book Designer, and Park Caretaker.
Having PapaBear at home has its perks, but I still wish I could squeeze out more time.

Checking things off my to-do list always helps me feel like I have a little bit of control over the chaos

As does planning out a menu each week...

If only I was organized enough to write down recipes that sound good right away instead of losing them in blogland or in my magazine pile...

My refrigerator is the place the slip from the library is suppose to go, but it doesn't always make it there. A reason to use these cute magnets might help....

So how do you squeeze more hours out of each day?

Leave your answer in the comment section and you could win your very own set of these items packaged in this cute little bag. For an extra entry, blog about this topic (including a link to my blog) and then leave me a second comment.

Contest ends when I publish next Thursday's Alphabitty Moments post on the letter 'D'.



  1. Oh Oh I love the cute!! Enter me! Enter ME!

  2. How do I squeeze in more time? I break up cleaning throughout the week. Toilets on Mondays, mirrors on Tuesday, changing beds on Friday, etc. It really helps!
    (And oooh, those are some fun prizes! Beats the magnetic letters, huh?)

  3. I squeeze out extra time by nursing at the table while the rest of my family eats...that way we all "eat together" although in the end I end up not eating much myself... :o)
    I also do Snug's "singing time" many nights as I rock Baby J. He is in bed, but he is still enjoying songs and Baby J gets more 'rocking time'.

  4. I'm failing miserable in squeezing more hours out of the day! Does that count as an entry comment? ;)

    I'm a huge "list person" too though. I find much satisfaction in crossing things off a list. I have at least one list going every day it seems. I suppose that helps me tremendously in staying organized and on task.

    PS- 4 week old Kyle is about the cutest thing ever. I LOVE that picture! Beautiful job!

  5. I am a very big multi tasker! I am never just doing one thing! I could be blogging, texting, watching tv and working on my daughters invites while dinner is in the oven.

    I love being busy and doing multiple things at the same time!!

    Thats how I get lots of projects started and slowly finished!

  6. When I need to get a bit of extra stuff done I try to take off of work, leave my kiddos at daycare for a couple of hours then do what I need to do. Especially grocery shopping! Then just picking them up an hour early makes them feel good :)

  7. When my to do list starts to get backed up, I turn to my husband for help...Once we start talking it out and divvying up the list, it's amazing how much we can accomplish.

    It's so common for moms to try to take it all on ourselves and most of the time it leads to us being stressed out.

    When I begin to feel overwhelmed, my husband is great for stepping in and sitting me down and talking it out. (I think he's learned that it's much better than listening to me rant and rave when I finally crack from all the pent up stress).

  8. I do the same thing you do. I write lists so I don't forgot what I need to do and I make a menu for the week. The key is not losing them.

  9. Squeezing more time out of my day?!? I wish it was easy! Sometimes, and lately, I've been putting things off because I'm so addicted to my computer...simply blogging and catching up on others, that is. I tell ya'... I've got report cards due ~ haven't started. I need to clean my house: can't seem to get it done. ETC... The list goes on, but I just thought I'd list a few! I do like lists, but for some reason, I end up crossing one thing off and adding 3 or 4 more things to do. Yikes!

    So, what I've been doing lately is taking everything one step at a time and it seems to be going well. I've tried to remind myself that I don't have to get it ALL done, right, I prioritize and so far, so good!!

    I really would like to start the whole Menu planning thing, though. I've thought about it, but never done. Now might be a great time to start!! Also, where did you get those great glass magnets. I am a huge magnet freak and would love to purchase them!! :)

    Have a wonderful day!
    Jess :)

  10. When ever I start my day with a devotion I always seem to have enough time to get everything done.
    It seems crazy but I promise it works! I think God makes my days go smoother when I put him first.

  11. Those magnets are way too cute! How do I squeeze more time... by staying on time. If I stick to what I'm supposed to be doing everything seems to go much better. Oh and getting up early enough to take a shower and read the bible {I REALLY need to get back to that one}


  12. I go nuts between the kids school, sports and church. So to squeeze it all in I pray and have 30 mintues of me time with my kids! Today we played basketball!

  13. These are totally me...I am very organized and love this giveaway...enter me please :)

  14. I'm terrible at squeezing more time out of the day. When I give the kids a bath though, I clean the bathroom - floors and all. When the kids and I eat breakfast, I check my email and we listen to music at the same time. When dinner is cooking, I clean up the rest of the kitchen....less work afterwards. Those aren't anything spectacular, but they work for me!

  15. I delegate. The kids help, hubby helps, we all pitch in. That way when the "littles" go to bed, early, (yes, they do, all of them 7:15 EVERY night. They get up at 6am whether they went to bed at 7:15 or 10pm)gives us some time to enjoy our evening, talk business, talk "littles", relax, get stuff done that we don't need help with. Then, we go to bed, (or fall asleep on the couch, whatever works) because we are only blessed with so many hours, we can get done tomorrow what we did not today. IT will be there.


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