Saturday, March 28, 2009

Safety First! *

*sorry the pictures weren't showing up there for a bit

Before Christmas we made a gingerbread house like we do every year.

Last year I started a new tradition
This year our gingerbread house was on display until this past weekend. It was just too cute to destroy and with snow on the ground outside, I figured it wasn't out of place inside.

Sam flew up the stairs to the playroom to get the safety goggles from his tool sets when we got home from church.

Our play hammer is broken so rather than have two kids swinging real hammers over the garbage can we took our little demo party outdoors.

They pounded and pounded

and pounded some more...

until our Gingerbread house was no more.



  1. Maybe it is just me...but I can't see the pictures... Only the first one.

  2. That is really cute. My favorite picture by far is the one of Julia's chubby cheeks oozing out from behind her yellow goggles. I just want to squeeze them!

    Um yeah, wise decision to take the demo outside!

  3. Were the kids tempted to eat any of the demolished house? I am so glad your snow is gone. We've had 60's for weeks, but snow flurries predicted for this afternoon. Yuck.
    How was your visit to the hospital?

  4. Oh, how fun. Our children love hammers! We have snow, again this morning. Snowy and icy... Spring can arrive any day, and stay for a while!
    Thanks for sharing the awesome photos. My kids just walked in and saw the photos, one shouted "safety first"! That's right! Nice job.
    Happy day.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful idea! This year I just snuck the house into the garbage, but next year I'm DEFINITELY doing this!


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