Monday, March 23, 2009

A roof over our heads

At a photography class tonight I innocently asked for suggestions on how to take pictures of people around campfires. "I live in a campground," I explained, I'd really like to be able to see the people's faces and not just the flames from the fire.

Two hours later I realized that the entire room full of people probably thought I am homeless. Great.

Thank God we do have a roof over our heads on this cold, windy, dreary night:



  1. What a fun place to live. I love camping. And you get to share Jesus love with so many people on a regular basis, from all walks of life. Amazing. What a mission field. Glad I stopped by. I will be dropping back by.

  2. Hehehehe. They were probably thinking, "That poor woman."
    Doesn't that summer day look WONDERFUL?

  3. LOL! Thats quite funny. They could also be thinking too if they thought you were homeless that taking pictures should be the last thing on your mind. HA! HA!

    I am glad you have a roof over your head as well . Love your home. So pretty!

  4. The day lilies are amazing. We have that varity at our house too! Glad you are safe out of the rain.

  5. Hello. I found you somehow because of little Stellan. I'm not quite sure where I linked here from. Anyways...I am looking forward to reading your blog and getting to know you some. My family is PRAY, PRAY, PRAYING for the whole Mck family right now.


  6. that is funny.... so did you learn any tips. :)

    you house is gorgeous!


  7. That is SO funny. They are picturing you hunkered over a barrel with flames, I'm sure. :o)

  8. Would love to help McKMama, but live in NM. Send her our prayers please.

  9. Oh that's too hilarious! That house is beautiful...and even more beautiful when it's freezing outside!

  10. Cute and funny! Smallworld! We've been to your camp ground, my inlaws are there a ton thru the summer!


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