Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Picture Challenge #5

The challenge from Brittany this week is the 27th folder or December 2007, 27th picture:

Not very interesting at first glance (well, probably not very interesting at the second or third glance for that matter, but bear with me)

What I love about these challenges is that I get to dig back into my 2008 archives (2006-2007 are on my desktop) and see how far our family has come. Take this photo for example - it was taken the day before we moved to our current home.

The moving truck was loaded, leaving us with only the odds and ends (and that darn refrigerator to empty).

In the spirit of the random picture challenge I give you the random thoughts on the random things in this photo:

Sam's blue Croc - he wore them for almost two full summers till he lost one at a different park one day in July. He went home barefoot.

My almost n'ked kids - You're guess is as good as mine as to why they aren't clothed. It certainly wasn't hot out - it snowed the day we moved in

The ladder leaning up against our neighbor's house - the day after they moved in they took it upon themselves to tear up a perfectly good screen porch to put real windows in. They worked on it for two days and then for a year the project sat untouched.

The blue water bottle and the red water bottle - we still use them. They are made from safe plastic, are small enough for a purse, and are relatively inexpensive.

PapaBear - he wasn't going to take a day off of work right before the move, but I am forever grateful that he did. I made an extra trip to the new house and had some help getting the garage cleaned out for good. He is my rock. I love him so so so much!

The TV: Their last shot at television. After we moved they went a while without even watching a movie. That has since changed, but come May it will have been a year since they watched any regular TV.

Big Green Ball: It's not nearly that inflated anymore, but the kids love it when Daddy kicks it high up in the air. Love those simple toys. :)

LittlePeople Main Street: A toy that had been in storage for almost 20 years made an appearance before we moved so the kids would have something "new" to keep 'em busy. Now that we have a playroom when we set up the LittlePeople village, we can leave it up for a while. No more toys in my living room! Wahoo!!

Carpet and '70 woodwork: Ah the joy of leaving a house built in the 70's! We have SO many memories of that home, but I can only think of three things I miss about living there and two of those aren't even about the house itself. 1) the double sink in the (only) bathroom 2) the closeness to The Cities and local shops, and 3) the 15 miles of paved walking trails out our backdoor



  1. I love looking back during the random picture challenge. That's the best part! Your kids look so little. Amazing how fast they grow!

  2. Love the random facts about the random picture! How fun to remember those little tidbits!

  3. That was fun! I love PB, with remote in hand. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  4. Oh my goodness. I just read your post from last May about moving, then looked at the date. Girl, we have so much in common it's not even funny. WE MOVED INTO OUR NEW HOUSE ON MAY 5, 2008! We were moving at the same time last year. What a difference a year makes, huh?

  5. P.S. And I loved what you said about bringing memories in your heart. I had a hard time at first, leaving MN. (Mostly the trees we planted in the boys' honor after they were born.) Until Ethan said, "Mom, we'll just plant new ones!"
    (Sorry about all the comments--this just got me buzzin'!)


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