Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random Picture Challenge #4

This week Brittany challenged us to go to the 3rd folder and then to the first picture with brown in it.
My picture isn't that old because for some reason the pictures from my point and shoot camera go into a folder from 2005 - even if I took them yesterday. So, this is my third folder. The brown can be found in that tasty little treat on Grandpa's knee -otherwise known as Sam' s greatest weakness. (Most people call them cupcakes.)

PapaBear took this photo of Sam's first time ice fishing this year. His very first time on the ice last year, I went with to take pictures.

It's fitting that part of the picture challenge this week is to find something brown because really, those cupcakes was the reason Sam went fishing.

Grandpa? Are you going to eat that last cupcake?
(a minute later)
Hmmm....That cupcake looks lonely.
(a minute after that)
Do you think someone should eat that cupcake? To which Grandpa replies, "Sam, would you like to eat this cupcake?"

And as if the thought had never crossed his mind, Sam replies, "Oh Suuuuure. I can eat that cupcake!"

Thanks Brittany for a way to document a silly Sam story! To see more participants entries, click here.



  1. that is so sweet.... i've never seen inside those little houses. Very cool!


  2. Cute story! I have a weakness for cupcakes too. Although you wouldn't get me to ice fish for one--like you, I really don't like being on the ice.

  3. What a funny story! I would've kindly badgered Grandpa for that last cupcake, too. And I'm way older than little Sam.

    And boy, oh boy, does it look like tight quarters in the little ice house. I'm afraid I would be clausterphobic!

  4. It's 12:02 amd that cupcake is looking mighty yummy about now. :~) mmm...mmm.


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