Sunday, March 8, 2009

Random picture challenge #3

This week Brittany picked:
February 2009 - first photo of something other than my kids...

So who's piggies are these?

They are Brianna's painted piggies. I've been babysitting Bea off and on since she was three months old and recently started watching her baby brother, Caden.
I've yet to paint Julia's nails so it was fun for me to photograph Brianna's.

Head over to 4 Little Men & Girly Twins to see other entries and to join in yourself...



  1. I can't see the picture, for some reason.

    I thought you just got rid of a 3-column. Am I losing my mind?

  2. Great picture!! That fabric is SUPER cute,, and so are the little piggies!!

  3. Now I can see it. Great shot!

  4. Ah so cute...I can't wait until Laila is old enough to want her little toes painted !!


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