Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Me Monday - Photo Edition

Technically this is my 25th edition of Not Me Monday, but when you scroll down to see the photographic proof the things I didn't do this past week, I think you'll understand that pictures speak louder than words no matter how hard I try to deny it. But in the spirit that makes Not Me Monday so fun, I'll deny the following anyway:

This did not come home with me the other day after cashing a check in my bank's drive-thru.

I most certainly didn't keep it until I could photograph it for this post. Not me!

I did not get SO mad but laugh my head off at the same time when I went to stick my newest Goodwill purchase into the VCR one night because...

THIS is what was in the case instead of My Best Friend's Wedding.


Thanks, but no thanks.

This is not our 9 foot Christmas tree hiding under our porch. Nope. Must be someone else's porch!

My sweet daughter did not decide to redecorate her room two days ago during a time out.

Nope. Not MY daughter.

That U must have fallen down and broke in two all by itself.

Speaking of Julia....

I did not buy her a dress on Saturday at OnceUponAChild that won't fit her for at least a year, probably two. Nope. Not Me!

I did not let her try it on anyway and let her run up and down the hall. Not on your life!

I did not notice the subtle change in her demeanor when I asked her to twirl in her new dress. The feeling of multiple layers of gauzy material had no effect on her whatsoever. None.

I did not pay $12 for this beauty. (the dress NOT the girl) Ha!

I didn't have a blast working with Tricia on my new blog template. Nope. Not me! I have more pressing things on my plate than making my blog function better.

But I do love the new look :)

What didn't you do this week?

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  1. I love it. The bank tube made me laugh out loud. I've never done that, but Dan has!
    That dress is so pretty on Julia! But I think ANYTHING would look good on her--she's so beautiful!

  2. I'm laughing so hard at the mixed up movie! I was sure that it was going to be some trashy porn; but it was Jane Fonda. Ha! Jane Fonda/Porn~Either one would be a letdown! Where's Julia Roberts?!

  3. The bank canister really made me laugh! i did that once with Old Navy's shopping bags- and I returned it my next visit!

    That little dress looks so sweet!

  4. Darn Carrie...I have a few more Jane Fonda tapes I could have sent you. :} I was amazed this past summer how quickly our very large box of VHS tapes sold.

    Hayden didn't even know what to do with a VHS tape a while back - he couldn't believe you needed to actually wait for it to rewind to watch it again.

    Love the little dress - what a steal for $12 ! She is a doll !

  5. LOL last yr I did the same thing but realized it before I got home. THAT is too funny. luv the pic's and luv your narration. Great dress. I do the same thing with my kids. Luv the blog design. good for you for doing something for yourself.

  6. How funny that you took the bank tube home with you! Are you requesting any ransom money?

    The dress is beautiful! I love Once Upon a Child! I get most of my girls stuff from there!

  7. Oh, the bank canister! That trumps my leaving the ATM card in the machine. Of course then I took my hubby's and DID IT AGAIN! I used to be so smart...then I had kids!

  8. Oh I forgot to mention I love the new blog design.

  9. Great Not Me List. The video is too funny. That dress is too beautiful.

  10. we had that happen at goodwill once... bummer! Does your goodwill take returns? Ours does.

    LOVE the dress and the pictures. too cute!


  11. I laughed at the video...that recentantly happened to me I thought I had a great video for the kids I babysit only to get home and find out out that it was a blank taped! That dress of Julia's is gorgeous.

  12. The bank tube and the video are both SUPER funny and definetly things that I would NEVER do!! My boys like to redecorate the letters in their room too!! I have had to hot glue an H, E, and N!! Have a great week!

  13. For some reason I was reading this fast, and thought that the Jane Fonda tape had been in your VCR and that PapaBear had been working out to it with his newfound time at home!

    Guess I overthought that one!!

    What a gorgeous dress you bought!

    We lost all of Nora's wall letters one day this week when a child I was babysitting "napped" in Nora's room...she was very busy, I guess...

    have a good week!

  14. That is so funny about bringing home the bank tube. Last week, I brought home the pager our church nursery gives parents while they are in the service. I didn't realize it until almost a week later. Oops, at least they weren't mad!

  15. I love the tube picture...what did they say when you returned it?
    I love the dress. I saw about 10 at Once Upon A Child I would LOVE to have a little girl to wear...but alas we bought fake Crocs and sunglasses after buying several pairs of shorts for this summer at Goodwill. All in a days shopping!

  16. I love the tube picture...what did they say when you returned it?
    I love the dress. I saw about 10 at Once Upon A Child I would LOVE to have a little girl to wear...but alas we bought fake Crocs and sunglasses after buying several pairs of shorts for this summer at Goodwill. All in a days shopping!

  17. I love Once Upon a Child...I am there a lot! The dress is adorable!! The bank tube thing..made me laugh :)

  18. That picture of the bank tube just cracked me up! I bet that happens more often than you'd think, huh?? Too funny.

    And ADORABLE dress!!I need to get to Once Upon a Child, soon!

  19. I used to work at a bank and you would be surprised how often it happens.

  20. $12?! That's a steal! Such a pretty dress. I'd have snatched that right up too- she'll fit into it eventually, right?

    I'm laughing at your bank mix up! Too funny!

    My Mom was a step aerobics instructor (and personal trainer) before she retired. Because of her I have an unhealthy love for step aerobics ;) That would have been a pleasant surprise to find that tape in there for me, haha.


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