Saturday, March 7, 2009

Like a thick, juicy steak

I spent a few minutes drooling over Kelly's blog book that arrived in the mail yesterday. Then it was time to pack it up and send it off to New York in time for Jake's second birthday.

I've made 120 page wedding albums before, but this was the first time seeing how hefty a 228 page blog book can be.

Here it is sandwiched between two of my 40 page books.

Page after page of Jake's first year....Here's his baptism spread.

From cover to cover the memories will forever be preserved for their family.

Next up....
300 pages for Joel and Jenny. Have I mentioned how much I love my job?

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  1. that is just too cool! I can not wait to do one of our blog!

    and i love the makeover. :)


  2. That is awesome. I really need to do that some time.

  3. Those are wonderful! I hope to save up for one of those someday--it will make me feel better about not scrapbooking!
    Love, love, love your new layout!

  4. What is ECFE? You blogged about it last is like preschool only moms go too?
    I'd e-mail you but I deleted ALMOST my entire inbox so Cedarville didn't kick me out of their system for using up so much space...and for some stupid reason I deleted ALL your addresses. GRRRR
    Do they have ECFE everywhere or just in MN?

  5. I'm practically salivating over here!! :) :)

    Can't wait to see it in person! Thanks again Carrie for all the amazing work and time and energy you put into producing this beautiful book for me! So amazing to see all of the posts in one (HUGE!) volume! :)

    YEAH! :)

  6. Oh that is SO COOL! I'm dying of jealousy over here! I'd love to have one of those for Vivienne but I fear I haven't done a very good job of chronicling the "little moments" that would go into a book like this. I have a million pictures of her, but so few of them are of "real life", know what I mean? Hmmm...Maybe when she's a bit older I can try to see what there is to salvage and send some more work your way ;)

  7. CAN YOU send me an email of what you do?! I would love a book about my blog?! That would be amazing as my blog is my daugthers baby book :) I hate my handwritting ha ha!!

  8. ARRIVED TODAY!!! :) :)

    FABULOUSNESS!!!!!! :) :) :)

    Thank you so much!!!


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