Friday, March 27, 2009

Is this what Easter Means?

We don't make a big deal out of the Easter Bunny around here, but we do take the kids to the Mall for a picture if our schedule allows.

They were very brave and thankfully the staff allows parents to take two pictures with their own cameras so it didn't cost a penny. Our entire outing to the mall was free since PapaBear packed PB&J, grapes, snow peas, cheese and Rycrisps, and water for our lunch.

It's such a long drive for us to go into 'town' that it helps to avoid eating fast food when we can. Gas alone makes us plan a bunch of errands for each trip.

Anyway, after some snuggles with the Bunny and each other, we ate lunch, played at Playland, and were on our way.

We also dye eggs every year. A memory making tradition that Grandma & Grandpa join us for (the first link is to 2007 and this one is 2008.)

If you are looking for a way to balance the Easter Bunny with the Real Reason we Celebrate Easter, you might like the book I wrote about in this post from last year.

We also use Resurrection Eggs (thanks Mom!)to teach the story of Jesus' sacrifice for us. I tweeted yesterday about how even at 2 Julia is picking up on the story.

How are you teaching your little ones about Easter?
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  1. We use the resurrection eggs too! Oriental Trading has lots of cute religious items for easter baskets as well, but you have to buy in bulk--luckily I have a rather large brood, but going in with a friend always helps! but my fave Easter tradition is the Easter Story Cookies. They involve kids in cooking while reading scripture. I'll post the recipe/instructions today!

  2. We don't do easter bunny. They are given an egg hunt at home/grandmas but it is just something fun. They know the spiritual meaning of Easter. Of course they have heard of the easter bunny but we don't have it in the house and we don't go visit. Just like santa at CHRISTmas, of course they know who he is but they also know that daddy works really hard for their gifts. He is not in our home nor do we seak him out. If you were to ask any of our children what either holiday were about they would give you the biblical answer.
    We love the Resurrection eggs! Happy Easter! He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!

  3. We are Greek Orthodox, so celebrate on the Orthodox Easter. My in laws aren't, so we celebrate Easter with them on the other date. We give the Easter baskets on the "American" Easter and the Orthodox Easter is our religious one. We dye eggs also; but ours are a deep red color to signify the blood of Christ. It is tradition to "crack" the egs against another egg to see which person has an egg that is stronger. I really don't know what that stands for, but the kids love it! I think all of the malls must have the same bunny! Ours looks just like yours!

  4. Easter Story Cookie recipe/directions is up at Hope your family enjoys it as much as ours has!

  5. I love resurrection eggs! I used them in the classroom when I taught, and now I use them with my own kids. I love their surprise every year when we open them to see what's inside.
    We like to talk about the meaning of eggs as we dye them--new life, the new life we've been given in Christ.
    The pictures are adorable--thanks for sharing!

  6. We have the Resurrection Eggs too! We are highly involved in church and usually our church does a big community outreach with an easter egg hunt and so we participate in that. We do sometimes give the kids easter baskets as do my parents, but they know that it is from us and not the easter bunny.

    But I love your pics with him! There's definitely nothing wrong with that! And it's something I would do too, if given the chance.:) Too cute!

  7. I grew up believing in the easter bunny and Santa Claus. BUT, I also knew they were not what made the holidays. I think my parents let us be kids and have those imaginary friends because often kids are made to grow up so fast. We were taught that Christ is our savior and he has also become my best friend. I talk to him (in prayer) the first thing every morning and the last thing every night. I don't think having the easter bunny in my life as a small child was any different than a child who has a doll and pretends it is their friend. It is childs play and imagination. It is up to the parents to make sure that the fantasy does not over shadow the true meaning of Christmas and Easter.
    I really like the idea of the Easter cookies and will make them for my kids.

  8. Thank you for the link to the Resurrection Eggs. I had never heard of them (I was brought up atheist, but THAT's a story for another day) but will begin that tradition this year with my children. What a great idea. It incorporates creativity and the element of surprise (which kids love about the holidays), as well as reverent spiritual tradition.

    We have a similar tradition at Christmas, when our kids find "hay from the manger" left by their stockings. (Of course, the religious significance of that holiday is paramount, as well.)

  9. Thanks for stopping in! I have heard great things about that baby food book and now that A is starting to eat some I will have to check it out. (Along with Resurrection Eggs, apparently, as I have never heard of them!)

    I enjoy looking at your blog- your little girl's curls are just precious :) I love them!


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