Sunday, March 29, 2009

A glimpse into the future

I saw a lady today who had the exact same hair as Julia, only her's was 15 inches longer. It was even the same color! It was surreal. What struck me was that even at that length it was as curly as Julia's is now. I've always wondered if length would pull the curls out. I really wanted to go up to her and ask her how she cares for it, but I was too chicken.

This is how we care for Julia's hair right now.

Lots and lots of conditioner mixed with a dose of humor.

I pulled it all straight to show how long it is but by the time I backed up to take the picture most of it had curled back up.

Curls or no curls, she's our little JoJo that we love to pieces. She'll be celebrating her her half birthday on Thursday. Where has the time gone?


  1. I guess brushing the hair is one of your favorite times of the day :) I have REALLY curly hair and remember screaming, I mean running, from the brush! Glad you can use humor!

  2. Her hair is awesome.

    Have you ever heard of the "Curly Girl" philosophy of haircare? My mom has super-curly hair, and is really into it. (She's got this Curl Pride thing goin' on...) The whole regimen would be ridiculous for a small child, but maybe when your daughter gets older (like high school) some of the tips would be useful. The author/stylist doesn't believe in shampooing your hair...among other things. I actually found a link for you. I think you'll laugh at how involved it is. These curl people are serious!

    Just had to pass that on...I wasn't lucky enough to get my mom's awesome curls. I will settle for mediocrity all my life.

    here's the link:

  3. I am so going to check out the link where they don't use shampoo!

  4. That first picture is hilarious!

    My son's hair has always been curly. It was cute when he was little, but now that he's 14 yrs. it just doesn't suit him! Of course, he hates getting it cut but as you is very hard to control!

    I love SB's curls!

  5. Wow, that is long. It's funny to see it something other than all curls.

    Love the 1st picture!

  6. I adore SB's curls. I hope someday she embraces them instead of hating them. She's so beautiful!

  7. She is precious. My girl inherited her stick straight hair from her mommy...same color too...I see her future...she'll be gorgeous and her hair will be gorgeous...but she will hate it.

  8. I have super, mega curly hair and the length of your hair will weigh your curls down. My hair takes forever to grow! But I do have to condition it each time I wash it AND do a deep conditioner that needs to be left on at least an hour once a week.


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