Friday, March 20, 2009

And the winner is....

I had PapaBear draw a name tonight for my recent giveaway. If you haven't read the comments and are looking for ways to save time, click here to go to the original post.

I have some digging to do in my archives to check on a couple of things, but I think* I'm coming up on my 1000th post or have already passed it. That calls for another giveaway if I do say so myself.
But first things first: Drum roll please.......

The winner is Tricia!
Congrats to the talented woman behind my new blog design...
Shoot me an email with your address Trish and I'll get your prize sent off to you soon!

Have a great weekend everyone! We're going to be busy tapping Sugar Maples in the park. (read: tromping through 6 inches of mud)

* When I imported my old blog I ended up with a two of each of the posts so I need to rectify that before I can determine exactly how many posts I have.



  1. We woke up with two inches of snow today. You are right, with spring comes mud! We have found it! Our children love taping maples, dirty shame we live so far away.


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