Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Why did I offer to get skis out for our whole family so the photographer from the local paper who showed up on our doorstep at dinner time last night could have a picture of people skiing for his assignment?

Why did I think SisterBear could hold the bag of doughnuts on the way to school without eating one?

Why was I worried about how awkward it would be to be at school today after CaseyCarlson's flop on American Idol the other night? Her mom (SisterBear's teacher) is a great lady and handled the discussion on how the AI experience was for her daughter like a pro.

Why didn't I go to my usual homeopathic remedies to treat SisterBear's cough/cold and instead take her to the doctor and agree to antibiotics and nebulizer treatments?

Why did I accept the Target check out lady's offer to cheat and go in the express lane with my cart full of groceries?

Why didn't I anticipate the guilty feeling I would get in my stomach when someone came into line a minute later and saw all my stuff laid out on the belt?

Why did I answer the phone this afternoon when I didn't recognize the number?

Why didn't I start making my own chicken stock years ago? From one, $6 chicken, we ate two dinners and froze 9 cups of broth.

Why didn't I think of the title Alphabitty Moments for my new blog carnival? Thanks to Jenney for the awesome suggestion!


  1. Her mom is your daughter's teacher?! Wild! I wish she had pulled it off w/o the nerves. I do think she would have gone FAR.

    And it was the cashier's fault not yours. ;)

  2. WHY didn't I think of that? Hehehe. Very creative post!

  3. i've been asking why a lot lately too... i blame it on lack of sleep!



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