Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today - by the numbers

7:50 - the numbers on the clock when I ate dinner tonight
28 - the number of months Julia slept with at least one paci each and every night
17 - the number of months Sam slept with at least one paci each and every night
0 - the number of pacifiers Julia is sleeping with tonight
3 - the number of times I had to go into her room to console her
15 - the number of minutes it took her to fall asleep after my last trip up there
10 - the number of additional hours PapaBear and I will work each week in a new programming position the park is working with us to create
2 - the number of hours before our park meeting that I dyed my hair
30 - the number on the box of hair dye I used this morning
0 - the number of times I'd used that color before
.5 - the number of seconds it took for my jaw to hit the floor after reading in my alma mater's quarterly magazine what next year's tuition cost is going to be
39,726 - the number of dollar bills you'd need to attend that school each year
19, 726 - the amount tuition increased in 10 years
20 - the number of mini Oreos I'm going to eat right now

1 comment:

  1. Yay Julia! Nothing like going cold turkey, is it? That's always how I've done it with my boys.
    And I want to see pictures of your hair!!!!! What color?


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