Monday, February 2, 2009

S'mores & Skis

Saturday night our park hosted a candlelit ski event. PapaBear worked in the office while the kids and enjoyed a hayride and marshmallows by the fire.

It got a little crazy in the office for a bit and we were SO proud of the kids for playing quietly while I helped out. See this rack that holds the skis? 85 pairs were rented out that night, leaving the rack almost bare.

It is nearly impossible for me to get any decent shots in the dark, but this one wasn't too bad. Any suggestions from others with a Rebel XTi as far as settings for night? I even dragged my tripod out there and it didn't help much. Maybe it just isn't possible to shoot people in the dark?

I would have loved to get a shot of the candles out on the trails, but I was too busy keeping the kids out of the road and off the snow mountains. Maybe next year....


  1. WOW - You all do alot of fun stuff there are your park. I haven't seen anything like that around my home. Sounds like ALOT of fun even though I can't ski worth a darn (lol).


  2. Rebel XT in the dark: Set the camera to "P" or "M" (manual). Set ISO to 1600. Drag a tripod into the snow. The focusing will be really slow in the dark, so you may have to focus manually on a still subject. Set the aperture to as wide open as possible (if you are using the kit 18-55mm lens, that number will be between f/3.5 and f/5.6). Mess around with the manual settings until you get an exposure you like. Say, 1/10 sec or more at f/3.5.

    Good luck and happy shooting! :)

  3. Personally, I think the picture around the fire is really cool, especially with the sparks flying up.
    Aaaannnnddd now I want a smore.


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