Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Picture Challenge #2

Enjoy a trip down memory lane with Brittany's Random Picture Challenge....

This week's selection: 11th folder (or September 2007 folder) 11th picture

No 2007 pictures on this computer so I picked the 11th picture from my 11th folder. This is my April 1st, 2008 folder labeled "Julia's 18 month birthday"

This half birthday was celebrated in style at the Mall of America's indoor amusement park. Did you know for $80 you can go on all the rides you want for an entire YEAR? When I worked 10 minutes from the mall this was was a GREAT deal. Sam was a year old so I got to ride with him.

Two years later, it isn't as convenient to go to the (Big Dumb) Mall as we like to call it, but friends of ours have connections and got us free ride tickets. It made for a special way to celebrate Julia's half birthday.

This is Sam's first time on the Frog Hopper. The birthday girl was too young to ride. Maybe this year....


  1. Oh, how fun...what a cute picture!!

    Came over from 4 little men & twins and I will be back!! :)

  2. Wow! That looks like so much fun, my boys would LOVE that!

  3. I love your mommabear picture with your cubs. Cute blog.

  4. Looks fun! Love your blog design!! :-)

  5. Cool! I have always wanted to visit the Mall of America.

  6. I'll have to tell Dan what you call the MOA--he'll love that! Very cute picture-we haven't been there since they changed the park to all Nickelodean.

  7. what a great memory... that is my favorite part. Remembering the picture and everything around that day. I LOVE pictures!


  8. Looks like kids are having a great time.

  9. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday! I wouldn't mind going on that ride. Especially since it looks like it's just for kids.

    Great picture!

  10. Looks like a lot of fun!........I was only at the Mall of America once, a long time ago.........That's a great deal if you live close!


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