Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not Me Monday - 22nd Edition

This weeks edition of Not Me Monday is being served up with a cherry on top. But first the housekeeping portion of the post:

This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

But before you head off to read other NotMe posts, BrotherBear and SisterBear want to share their ice cream sundaes with you.

Isn't that sweet of them? It wasn't at all strange to be eating ice cream sundaes as a family this week. Not one bit! I haven't been eating ice cream almost nightly since my birthday 3 weeks ago. I don't wait until the kids are asleep so I can enjoy my favorite food in peace. Not Me!

Speaking of sweet...

There were Valentine's cards/treats to be distributed this week and I for one, was all prepared. I took pictures of the kids with enough time to create cards so they would be ready to hand out to Julia's teachers and for Sam's class party.

When I was caught without treats for the kids at Julia's school, I decided I would not be that mom two days later at Sam's school. I'm 32 years old. I don't crumble under peer pressure. Not me!

See these cute "Owl Love You Forever" bags? All the kids in Sam's class got those. I did not run out half way through his list of names. Nope. I pay close attention to that sort of thing when I'm out guilt shopping so I don't have to put random stickers on ZipLock bags for half the class. It's the chocolate inside that counts right?

We did not take advantage of the extra treats in the house and use them as a little bribe to encourage Julia to go to sleep the first night she went to bed without her pacifiers. Not us! I posted about it being time to ditch the paci, but afterwards realized my heart wasn't in it. By bedtime, though, I was back on board and decided to give it a try since she didn't nap and should have been really tired. I dug around the playroom for stuffed animals she hadn't slept with in a while and made a big deal about her taking care of them. I did not lie to my daughter about her 'missing' paci's. Nope. I told her the truth that I had tucked them in the book basket where she wouldn't find them. I never would tell her they were lost and then distract her by having her look under her bed for them. Put some of the blame on her for not being able to find them? Never! I've been through this before with Sam and totally knew what I was doing. Fly by the seat of my pants? Not a chance!

For the record: She's taking a little longer to fall asleep, but only cried a little bit the first night. She tucks her Pooh, Pound Puppy, and Hippo under the covers and reads 5-6 books before going to sleep. Of course my video monitor chose this week to konk out so I can't SEE what she's doing in her bed, I can only hear her on the sound monitor.

I'll leave you with one more dose of sweetness...My daughter picking her nose posing like an angel in her Valentine's Dress - a dress that is not a 5 T sundress that fits her almost perfectly.

Now be a sweatheart and let me know you stopped by so I can return the favor....


  1. I have "NOT" had that "Mom of the Year" peer pressure I "can't" even relate to that.... No way! I loved the pics of your precious girl... she is a doll.

  2. Love your post. Your daughter reminds me of my youngest sister growing up. The curls are absolutely adorable. :)

  3. Good job with the paci! We're about to get rid of my daughter's (she'll be 3 next month), and I know it's going to be a battle.
    Very sweet pictures of your little girl!

  4. We had the same "lies" about pacifiers in our house... but that was 10 years ago. I miss those days. =0)

    Enjoyed your Not Me's and all of your FABULOUS photos!

  5. I hated the pressure of having to keep up with all the things I have to remember for school and parties and such... Now that I have 2 more kids to go through that with I am going to try to avoid it... HA, HA, HA!! That was funny huh?

  6. I did guilt shopping too. I did mine the on Valentine's morning before school. Way to wait till the last minute. Your daughter is beautiful in her dress.

  7. Please don't say it is difficult getting rid of pacis!!! My son loves his.

    And my daughter is 3 wearing a 5/6!!!! I don't know where she got her height from!

  8. Let you know I stopped by? Of course I stopped probably think I LIVE on your blog. But now I am not going to bed at 9pm...because I am not that tired.

  9. Emma's already wearing 2T and 3T. I've never had kids that wear clothes that coorespond to their ages!
    Way to go on the paci thing! We've done the same thing with both boys. It was funny when we moved and we found Ethan's bag of nuks that I stashed in the closet. He was all, "THAT'S WHERE YOU PUT THEM!"

  10. OK. The running out of the cute treat bags sounds like something I might do.

    How about maybe forgeting that you had already bought some last year so you could be prepared this year...And still forgot?! That's not my style at all ;-)

    Have a great week,

  11. Great site! Love the sundae pictures and the valentine's dress as well! Getting ready to go check out S'mores and Skiis ;)



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