Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For the love of Sam

We're in a good season of life with Sam right now and I want to remember the joy, the wonder, and the love we are experiencing with our first born these days.

He is interested in all sort of animals, but dinosaurs, sharks and whales are his favorite. The excitement is very contagious (except when he's asked to play killer whale or mommy and baby Kentrasauras a hundred times in one day).

His deep blue eyes don't miss a thing. He prefers adult non-fiction books about animals to children's fiction and marks his favorite pages with scraps of paper.
The movie, Cars, was on when Julia and I came home from the library this morning but it was obvious he wasn't even watching it anymore. His nose was in a shark book.

When I suggested he turn the TV off he said (NO LIE!!!), "Oh! Good idea! Then we can read my shark book!"

He smiles all the time (except when his sister makes him cry). He loves to be chased, tickled, and snuggled with. Could his love language be touch?
He and I have started having great talks before bedtime. We curl up in his chair and talk about the day - nice things he did for his sister, how God made some pretty incredible animals, the ways he helped me throughout the day, the plans we've made for the next day, how to handle frustration with his sister, how it feels to solve problems on his own...

He's like a sponge (a pretty adorable one at that!) and while it's great that he's absorbing so much knowledge, I feel like I'm floundering a bit when it comes to building character and teaching self control. Does anyone have any book suggestions on the topic of teaching Christian values to preschoolers? Or words of wisdom to share? (I've already read Dobson's "Bringing Up Boys" and I'm two chapters into "A Mom after God's Own Heart").

I want to make sure my kids are equipped with the right tools to grow in their faith and be a light in this big ol' scary world. Time for MamaBear to soak up some knowledge of her own!


  1. Teaching self control..yes! We were just discussing this in MOPS recently. I'd love to hear if anyone recommends a book that talks about that.

    LOOOOVE these photos of your sweet little guy! The quality of the actual PHOTOS as well as the adorableness of your SON!!

  2. What precious, beautiful photos -- they accompany what you've written about him perfectly.

  3. Those pictures are simply precious!! He looks so innocent....

  4. 'Growing Kids God Way' help me early on. I used their program from the moment I brought the girls home! I believe that is why they were happy babies and good sleepers to this day!

    Even as a Christian though, I am a bit turned of by the title. The Bible is pretty vague about raising children and this program has 'cause some controversy among the church. I just found it is one of those things where you just have to pick and execute what works for you and your family. I never followed it to a T. I think they even have a line of books with the same information minus the spiritual aspect for non-believers.

    Ahhh, self-control. One thing we got from that program that we STILL use today is when the kiddos are getting out of hand, we have them sit with their hands interlocked, breathe, and actually say "self-control." It's scary how it works for us.


  5. I am so glad he has never lost those dark blue eyes. I fell in love with them the first time I held him. It amazes me how much of the info he retains from all of his books. If he keeps that up he should have an easy time in school. Give both my little munchkins a hug for me.

  6. I don't know about self-control specifically, but I am in a mom's study on Wednesday night reading the book "Shepherding A Child's Heart". Man it is HARD to read, I don't agree with all of it, but he uses a lot of scripture...I think it is hard to read because I I had also read "how to make children mind without losing yours" but it doesn't sound like that is your issue with Sam. Good luck!

  7. We're working on self control with our boys too. Seems to be a hard thing with this age.
    I think Sam looks a lot like Brian. He's such a sweetie!


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