Sunday, February 8, 2009

(Brother)Bear Hugs

I tweeted about my 3 minute photo shoot the other day (Welcome to those of you who just started following me) and have been trying to upload these outtakes ever since. You'll have to wait until Valentine's Day to see the official cards. I'm assisting at a wedding that day, but I'll auto publish for those of you who don't get one in the mail. Wait. That's everyone since I've been out of stamps since I peeled one off an old envelope that never got sent in order to get my last Christmas card out a couple weeks before Christmas.

Straight out of the camera.....


  1. I just love that they love each other so much. It is simply precious to see the brotherly/sisterly love that they share. Thanks for sharing the pictures...they are simply adorable!!

    So, where does sister bear get her curls from?

  2. Oh my goodness... I love these... your little girl is so funny... lover her little fish kissy lips... lol!


  3. So cute! Their personalities really shine through those pictures. Usually in our house, hugs like those end in wrestling!

  4. I must say I have the cutest grand kids in the world. Of course, every grandma says that. We wouldn't be grandparents if we didn't. I can't wait until Wed. when I can get one of those hugs and kisses.

  5. DARLING PHOTOS!!! =0)

    Great job, Mom!


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