Thursday, January 15, 2009

Their story

I tweeted late last night about a new blog I'm reading. It's written by a mom and dad of twins. I have the privilege of reading each and every word they wrote about their children's first year because Jenny and Joel of Our Story have hired me to make their blog into a book for Sam and Amelia's birthday. I'm 60 pages into the project and wanted to share a couple of my favorite entries with you.

This one about a Daddy's First Kiss will make you feel like you were there to witness the special moments Joel had with his preemies a week after they were born. Then there's this one written by Jenny. Her children are in the NICU, her husband had a bike accident - yet she still finds the silver lining!

The twins are going to turn two in April, but I'm starting at the beginning of the story. If you can find the time, I suggest you do too!


  1. How kind of you Carrie and what a gift it is to have the person creating our book enjoy the words that we have written! Jen

  2. They have a wonderful story--and what faith! I couldn't stop reading--their story is riveting!

  3. I will start reading theirs as soon as I am done reading yours from the beginning :o)

  4. I'll have to go check their blog out...

    I just tagged you. :)



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