Friday, January 23, 2009

A second helping dipping

"The branches were dipped in frosting this morn"

and the sun cast a fairyland spell;

Each fragile twig looked feathered and white
and beckoned a heart to swell.

A winter treasure - a sight to behold -

while silence augmented the scene;

I wanted to walk through an open gate
to find the artist, supreme.

No gate could I see, the artist unseen,

awe captured my soul;

The canvas would change, as nature intended,

but I'd witnessed her morning's goal.

(By Joan Adams Burchell)

If this poem sounds familiar it's because I used it last year with a different series of frost pictures that I took at our old house. You can see them here.


  1. Great shots, too! :-) I wish that stuff would stick around longer - it just seems like everything is so peacefully quiet when the tree frost is here.

  2. Wow, those are good pictures. Here's hoping tomorrow the weather is in the 20's for you!

  3. Beautiful! I'm in Anoka now, soooo looking forward to tomorrow!

  4. Wow! Gorgeous shots! Really, those are absolutely stunning!
    I'm praying for good weather tomorrow for your party...looking forward to seeing you!!

  5. mamabear,
    I followed photography, bears, and faith to your blog. It is delightful! I love your ice/snow pictures! I have some posted as well that I took in Colorado.
    Just got back from skiing for the second time in 25 was amazing!
    Will come visiting again...your blog is a lovely place to visit!
    <>< connie


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