Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday - 18th Edition

It's the start of a new work week, a clean slate so-to-speak. The things that happened this past week are ancient history (unless of course they were blogged about, and then someday when I'm not making blogs into books for other people, I'll forever memorialize my shortcomings in my own hardcover masterpiece book.

To join the Not Me fun head over to My Charming Kids. My friend MckMama has been hosting this carnival for about four months now.
Has it really been that long?
I cringe when I think about the things I could have accomplished if I had been as committed to losing weight, exercising, service projects, eating healthy, saving money, etc... as I have been to Not Me Monday. BUT that's the beauty of this carnival! I can let go of the guilt, wipe that grungy slate clean, and because I am a child of God, His forgiveness makes all things new.

A new week. Ah!!!! Almost makes me want to skip over the things I didn't do last week. Wait. That's NOT a bad idea, especially since I can't think of one single thing to put on my Not Me Monday list. That never happens. Ever! I have 17 other posts to prove it. Must have been a pretty good week. Pardon me while I let that soak in.

Ah...that feels good.

Can I go two weeks in a row?
You'll have to come back next Monday to find out!


  1. Can't wait for next week! Happy Monday :)

  2. Love your layout and your kids are adorable!

  3. So you are "NOT" doing "NOT me" this week?

    I like how you are blazing a new trail! ; )

    Have a great day!

  4. Wow, no "Not Me's"? That's both impressive and boring. ha ha ha

    JUST KIDDING! Be proud and try to make it through yet another week!!!! =0)

  5. I try not to think about the things I could have accomplished if I put as much time into other things as I put into my Not Mes!!

    Happy Monday!!

  6. I had a week like that and I liked it!

  7. I am with you on this one. I love the Not Me Monday's, but apparently I do do all those things! LOL!

  8. I shall be tuning in next week. I have yet to have a not not me week.

  9. Have a great day... your family is just adorable!

    God bless-

  10. I need to be able to do that. Ah something to strive for! LOL! Have a great week Mama Bear!

  11. Nor did I have any Not Me's! to share....but then again how could I when all I do is lay on the couch, anyway? Seriously.


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