Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lost in Translation

Except for one post at the end of 2007, I haven't kept up with recording the words SisterBear is learning. Her vocab is too big and constantly growing. She's one of the only kids who sings all the words to the songs at school. It's not obvious to everyone what she's saying all the time, but for the most part she can get her point across. When we can't understand what she's saying BrotherBear is our go-to guy for a translation. 90% of the time he can tell us right away what she's saying. 5% of the time she has to repeat herself a few times and then he gets it.

Her latest phrase is "don't worry" which comes out clear as whistle with a touch of toddler cuteness that always makes me smile.

"Don't worry Mama. I'll get that." or "Don't worry Mama. I kiss that."

A couple days ago she started answering with "sure" instead of yes. It comes out more like "show" or "shoe" but it's clear what her meaning is. The significance of this word is that it means she's learning to say the 's' and 'sh' sounds.
What does she call her brother then if she hadn't been saying 's'?
Here's a hint:
They are often mistaken for sweet potatoes.

I think our days of living with a 'Yam' (or Yammy) are almost over. I caught a hint of a 's' this morning when she called out to her brother who was playing on the snow "moutain" at the end of the school day.

The potatoes Yams were sweet while they lasted.


  1. That's so cute! I hope that you have plenty of recordings of her voice so you can enjoy them when she's older.

    That photo is adorable!

  2. Thats so cute.... children are so cute when they are learning to talk and learning new words.

  3. Emma said "more" for the first time yesterday. We were eating, and she pointed and shouted, "Mo! Mo!" So cute. I'm sure you'll miss your "Yam!"

  4. Awww, don't worry! That's sweet! I'm sure she says it at just the right moment too, right? :o)


  5. I've often had to ask Bro. Bear what she is saying since I'm not with her all the time and am not used to all her little sayings. It is so cute the way she says yammy tho that I am really going to miss that. I still miss Blum.(remember that)


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