Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not Me Monday - 12th Edition

It's that time again. Time to fess up to the things that we might otherwise sweep under the rug. The things that aren't glamorous, but are still a part of life. Embarrassing, silly, name it - the are too many Not Me Moment in my life to count some weeks, I just can't remember most of them by Monday morning . Check out what hundreds of others are writing about in their Not Me Monday posts over at MckMama's blog.

I did not tear up when I saw Lonesome Dove was on TV yesterday. Twenty year old Western mini series don't have that effect on me. It isn't because that was one of my dad's favorite's.

PapaBear and I did not have the following conversation following his trip to the mall:
Me: Did you buy anything for me that you hid somewhere?
PB: Oh yeah. I meant to tell you but I forgot.
Me: Where did you hide it?
PB: In my top dresser drawer
Me: Good thing you told me! Sometimes I put your clothes away!

We don't have an arrangement where he tells me where he hides gifts so I can make sure I stay away. Is that weird?

I did not fuel the fire when Julia was screaming at me from her carseat by screaming back at her. I would never act like a two year old. I am not at my wits end with what to do about the kids who think just because I'm only two feet away from them I should be able to drive and tend to them.

I did not cry at work when I read the sad news about Lindsay's dog, Maggie. I didn't quickly wipe away the tears when a Boy Scout troop leader came into the office.

I did not mess up the easiest candy recipe of all time - Chocolate Covered Pretzels. They didn't turn out hard as rocks.

We didn't get so fed up with the kids Saturday night that we sent them to bed at 6:20. Not us! We have better ways of dealing with Sam whining at the table for an hour without taking a bite of dinner and Julia's defiance about everything.

I didn't find PapaBear putting a Veggie Tales movie in the DVD player the other night after the kids were in bed.

I would never out my husband for watching Lord of the Bean by himself.

I did not catch our dog trying to lick the peanut butter off a mouse trap. We don't have mice. Nope not us!

I did not have to go out in the dark to see if the dead cat in the road was our cat. (My sister-in-law had called to say she saw a dead cat on the way home from our house Thursday night.) I did not at that moment know for certain that I have grown attached to the cat we only let in the house to catch the mice.
Houston is safe and sound for now. It was a cat I didn't recognize.
My heart didn't sink last night when I saw cat tracks in the snow that led to the road. *sigh*

There isn't a breeze blowing into our house through every outlet in our kitchen. Our house isn't that drafty.

I did not keep a dentist appointment for Sam and I after I found out PapaBear had to work and wouldn't be able to help with the kids while I had my teeth cleaned.

We were not delayed in getting to that appointment when a train came through town. I didn't laugh when the receptionist said "If you're still sitting there at 3:00 call me back." A train that takes over a half hour to pass? Never. I did not give up and turn around when the train stopped on the tracks and didn't move for over ten minutes.

We do not have new appointments for a day when PapaBear can come with. Thirty minute delays are not a blessing.

We didn't make the most of our trip to town and play at Target with MckMama and her MSC. Who does that? Not me!

What didn't you do this week?


  1. I think it's darling that your husband watches Veggie Tales w/o the kids, and putting the kids to bed at 6:20 is VERY acceptable especially if it happened right after acting like a two year old (which is allowed) and messing up the chocolate-covered pretzels (go to the candy store and buy some, save the heartache).
    I enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. awwww...your little bears are ADORABLE!!! Glad it wasn't your cat! LOL

  3. I almost spit out my coffee when I read about your dog and the peanut butter. *LOL* I could TOTALLY see my dog doing that. She's a PB fiend!

  4. hehehe...Lord of the Beans is one of my hubby's faves! I've caught him watching Spongebob by himself before, so Brian isn't alone! And I also think it's perfectly ok to put the kids to bed early. They were probably acting that way because they were tired, anyway! Smiles to you!

  5. How does that breeze get through the outlets anyway? It's not like we have holes on the outside of our house!

    Don't know why, but I laughed out loud at the messed up chocolate pretzels.

  6. Your house sounds as drafty as my house. My main floor is the coldest floor in the house. That doesn't seem right.

  7. Your little bears are so cute and I did not find you through MckMama ;)

  8. Your little bear costumes are adorable. Love your daughters curls.

  9. we never have drafts through our old farm house. and mice. not them either. or their friends the rat. argh. i've never screamed either. i love you not me's.

  10. I honestly did the same thing this week to my son. I was tired of him whining so I kept whining myself to get him to stop! LOL. Have a great rest of the week!

  11. So sorry I made you cry in front of a boy scout leader....and really - what's up with pets these days? Injured/car accidents/what next??

  12. So sorry I made you cry in front of a boy scout leader....and really - what's up with pets these days? Injured/car accidents/what next??


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