Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday - 11th Edition

After a long holiday weekend I have to admit that I'm OK with Monday's arrival. My kids are a wreck from missed naps, too much sugar, and over stimulation. I welcome the routine of our simple weekdays. Besides, it's always fun to know that when I wake up Monday morning there will be Not Me posts to read. You'll find the links to all the participants over at MckMama's blog. It's refreshing to read what other moms have done or not done in this case. Happy Monday!

Here's my list from last week. Read it and weep. I know there were times I wanted to!

I did not experience enough Not Me moments in one outing to fill a whole week. That outing did not include a doozy. I did not lose my daughter in Target.

I did not decide to pay the overpriced kids hair cut place to give Sam a haircut after seeing this picture of him.

My kids didn't have a blast playing on the floor of Target for a loooooong time. Not them! They have higher standards than that!

I did not freak out when I saw that these dolls have been on the market for 25 years. I have no memory of the mad rush to get my hands on a Cabbage Patch doll as a child when they first came out. Tall mountains of pale yellow boxes in Toys 'R Us? Nope. No memory at all. I'm not that old.

Julia did not climb into Caden's car seat the other night. Not my 36 pound 2 year old.

I did not make my family go out in the cold to take a picture for our Christmas card.
The cat did not insist on being included. Not Houston. He's a stray kitty who has no desire to be around on people.

I did not snap this sweet photo of my family on our pond. I would never let PapaBear take the kids out on the ice this early in the year.

That is not a giant crack in the ice (lower left of the picture).

The sound of ice breaking will not haunt me the rest of my days.
PapaBear is not smiling even though he almost plunked our kids in the frigid waters. Not MY husband. He knows better!

My husband, who knows all too well about my extreme fear of ice, would never go back out on the ice while I took a series of photos like this one.
He wouldn't try to get away with that. He wasn't busted when I heard that dreadful sound of ice breaking again. Men.

I did not use my tripod to take our family photos. Not me!

I did not make my family go back out in the cold before church Sunday morning to retake our Christmas card picture since there was a dusting of snow this time. Not me! I'm not a perfectionist at all.

After Christmas Card Photos Part One, we went out in search of the perfect Christmas tree. I was not at all disappointed that we weren't going out to the tree farm to cut our own.
We didn't forget about that fact quickly when we scored a ten and a half foot tree for only $45.

Our ceiling is not only nine feet tall.

This is not a preview of the wild balsam before the branches had relaxed and it's best side turned towards the front.

Since I don't have the photograph to prove it like the rest of this post, I did not melt PapaBear's cell phone when I heated water to put in the tree stand. Who puts their phone that close to the burner? Not Me PapaBear!

You know what's funny? Besides that trip to the mall I linked to at the beginning of this post, our week was very smooth. Silly me thought I might get through a whole week without anything worthy of a Not Me post. I won't make that mistake again!


  1. GREAT pictures and that is too funny that your hubby was smiling while almost plummeting into the frigid water.

  2. Can't say I would be big on the whole walking on ice thing either.

    Great pics!


  3. Did the kitty NOT stay outside?

  4. that was so fun to read! I love the tree! and the family picture!


  5. Gorgeous family photos. And a wee bit scary about the ice. It freaks me out too.

  6. I don't like being on the ice either. Freaks me out. Must be a man thing...That picture of the kids with Brian would be so cute if it was on good,solid ground! Great pictures!

  7. The ice would freak me out, too!

    I love that picture of the cat on top of the kids. And Papabear walking away with the kids.

  8. I love the shot of the kids with the cat on top! LOL - just shows you that cats own you, you do not own them! Here. You've got brave kids to walk on ice, too! Love the famimly xmas shot!


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