Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Conor fought the cat

and the cat won.

This happened on Monday.

Tuesday he had a fever.

Wednesday was a better day, but he didn't eat much and puked once.

Today I can tell he's got a low grade fever and he doesn't want to eat.
He has to eat so he can start taking his meds again. (The vet wanted him to take a 24 hour break since he was throwing everything up.)

We'll see what the day will bring....


  1. WOW, definitely looks like the cat won. Maybe he has cat scratch fever!?! Hope he starts feeling better soon.

  2. Get better Conor! I can't stand it when you're sick (or my own doggies!)!

  3. Poor Conor! Is he doing any better with the shakes and all?

  4. Ohhhhhh, the poor puppy! You wonder what was going through their minds....

    Hope he gets better, soon!!


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