Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bob The Builder - meet Shirley Temple

I lost track of the number of people who I could here comment to me (or to their friends, but within earshot) about Julia's hair when we went to the mall Friday night.

It seems like it's taken forever, but her hair is starting to grow longer - at least on top. The back and sides are still really short in comparison because she rubs the hair off in her sleep. We can no longer leave the house without some sort of bow, headband, rubber band, or hat now that her bangs are down to her nose.

Move over Wendy - SisterBear is on the job!

I had completely forgotten that I saw Shirley Temple in California in 1999. (The Badgers were in the Rose Bowl and she and a few other famous people were the grand marshals.) I hardly remember the days of driving across the country on a whim to go to a football game!


  1. She is too cute! I just want to eat those cheeks. She'll probably curse that hair someday, but it sure is great!

  2. I am so in love with those curls and that sweet smile. She is just so cute!!


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