Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A trip down memory lane

Some of you may not know that this isn't my original blog. My first blog had my last name in the address so I created a new one in January of this year. I don't regret protecting my family from creepy people out there, but I do miss being able to link to old posts. There were over 500 of them. I spent a few minutes this morning going through the posts from November and December. So much has changed since then! I don't expect anyone to have the time or the interest in reading about what we were doing a year ago, but here's the link to November and December nonetheless.
It makes me want get cracking on making my blog into a book. I know I'm not the greatest writer out there, but years from now my kids won't care when they can look at a narrative of their childhoods.

Consider this a plug for making your own blog. You won't regret it! I'm talking to you Tina, Heather, Naomi, Rhonda, Gary and Laura!


  1. I really enjoyed traveling down your memory lane, especially since I haven't known you that long. I don't blame you for wanting to revisit those times and those wonderful pictures.

    Turning your blog into a book for your kids would be a great idea!

  2. I love the idea of making a blog book. I'm looking into that myself. :)


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