Saturday, November 1, 2008


Six months ago today we moved into our current home. I figured it was about time I posted some pictures of what the house looks like with the floors redone, curtains hung, paint on the walls, and furniture in place.

The newness has worn off, but we still love living here.
Some of my favorite features include:
Main floor laundry
Laundry shute
A Playroom to contain all the toys
Kid bedrooms that are far enough away from each other so the kids don't wake each other up.
Hardwood Floors
Storage in the kitchen
Attached garage
New carpet
Our antiques look right at home here

The library:

The Living Room:
From the kitchen looking through the dining room into the library.

The master bedroom

The playroom

Julia's room:

Sorry I don't have any of Sam's room. :( Blogger won't let me upload them.


  1. I love your home! So cozy and snuggly! I wish mine would stay that clean. no luck for me! :o) Have a great day.

  2. I love your home - how beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful home... I LOVE old homes... they have so much character.

    and i SO wish my house was that clean right now. Ha!



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