Saturday, November 22, 2008

From the beginning

Three years ago I struck up a conversation with a woman at the community center. She had a son the same age as BrotherBear. She also shared that she was pregnant with number two. I had gotten a positive pregnancy test that morning, but since I had resolved that this time PapaBear would be the first to hear the news, I kept that information to myself. I suppose I could have told a total stranger and it wouldn't have made a difference, but I kept the exciting news to myself none the less.

We chatted each Tuesday during tot time and I found myself scanning the room when we arrived to find her first. When the weather warmed up we'd talk while our boys splashed in the pool. Her son had these toy animals that I thought were great. I went out and bought my own that same day. Later that summer, the day before her scheduled C-section, I asked for her last name so I could send her a gift.

Two months later she brought our family dinner after SisterBear's birth. She gave me her family's blog address and I caught the blogging bug instantly. When I was ready to make a blog of my own my new friend was there to lend a hand.

Both of our families have gone through some major changes since the beginning of our friendship, but the thing that hasn't changed is that I call MckMama my best friend.

Being the fun, creative, and generous person that she is, she's having a contest this weekend. You can check out the details in this post, that includes adorable pictures of her daughter.


  1. What a great story! Thank you so much for sharing it!


  2. What a cool story! I just thought you two met in college!

    I saw her contest, however since I have a crummy camera, I won't enter. Darnit. Yet another reason to buy one....contests! LOL.

  3. Thanks for filling in the blanks! That wouldn't have been the community center in Chaska, would it? ;-) I've been there a few times...Glad to know how you two met!

  4. Aw, my friend. I had goosebumps AS SOON as I started reading your post. Of course, I knew how it would all go...I was there, too! But hearing you write it out brought back the memories, reminded me how special our friendship is, and filled me with joy! I love you, too! Oh, and good luck on the contest. But not like YOU need header help:) Oh, and LOVE Papa Bear's sidebar photo! Yeah!


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