Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bonus Buy

I didn't think we'd make it to one apple orchard this year let alone two, but that's what happened. (We have our own apple tree now that produces more than enough apples for our family.) The afternoon with MckMama and her sister, Hilary, was rather impromptu, but not as much as Monday when the kids and I stopped at an orchard that was on our way home from a Craigslist purchase. It's November after all and I wasn't even sure they'd be open.

Not only were they open, we got to take a long, bumpy wagon ride in the warm November air. It was 70 degrees and our sweaters proved to be overkill. As we bumped along the trail I told the kids about their first visits to the orchard (in my belly). Julia pointed out the apples high up in the tree, Sam wanted to know how fast the tractor was going, and I pulled the kids in close for at least 10 snuggles before the tractor stopped.

The kids picked three apples and within 2 minutes we were back on the wagon.
Back at the main building we sampled a couple different varieties of apples before going up to the counter to pay for our apples. I wasn't sure the lady was going to be pleased that we only picked three apples because I think they sell them by the bag. My jaw dropped when she said, "Hmm...just three? How does a dollar sound?"

Are you kidding me? That's all the money I had in my wallet (besides my bank card). More than the weather turned out to be perfect that day.

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