Friday, October 31, 2008

Who's who?

UPDATE: What creative guesses ladies! Scroll down to see a couple hints in red and a clarification. Also, see if you can identify the person I dressed up as. Don't worry about the patch that is hidden behind Julia - that one's irrelevant.

Who can identify what Sam and Julia were for Halloween this year?

(Elephant is not the answer I'm looking for.)I'm afraid I threw everyone off with this statement. Sam IS an elephant, but I was looking for the elephant's NAME.

JoJo is waiting to hear your guesses.

Whoever can guess their costumes be prepared, these two cuties might just show up on your doorstep and....

give YOU a smooch!

Happy guessing!


  1. Sam - woolly mammoth
    Julia - telle tubbie


  2. Sam - a Puffalump?
    Julia - a Care Bear?

  3. Sam-- Horton
    Julia-- the puff that is on hortons nose? (i have never seen the movie but have seen the comercial)
    They are adorable.
    Happy day.

  4. Darling! I am thinking it's Horton & a Who?


  5. Carrie, Thank you so very much for keeping Rich in your prayers. I very much appreciate it. I totally forgot that you had told me you were going to be by the hospital today! Thank you sooo much for offering your help though and letting me know you'd be around! I was actually visiting with Rich when you commented tonight.
    I hope your photo shoots went well! Beautiful weather today.
    So, thank you again for your prayers and support. I hope YOUR family is doing well.
    (Oh, and they HAVE to be Horton and a Who! Right? I saw that movie!)

  6. Horton hears a who!

    Very clever and oh so cute!

  7. I scrolled past the comments with my answers--- my guess is that they are both from Horton hears a Who- Sam is Horton and Julia is a who ..... ?

    love your blog- and cute kids!

  8. darn, i'm too late. Hortona and the Who - TOO cute!


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