Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tomato. Tomaaato

I have a veggie hater

and a veggie lover.

Last night's dinner is the perfect example: Julia kept eating all the tomatoes off of her taco and would demand more. I think she ate 1/3 of a big tomato by the time it was all said in done. Sam, on the other hand was pitching a fit because he knew one tiny sliver of tomato was hidden in his taco.

The only obvious difference in their personalities right now is that Sam is very shy around people he doesn't know and Julia will say hi to anyone. She even went up to a stranger at the zoo once and asked the woman to pick her up so she could see the animals better. Yikes!

In all honesty the kids are more alike than they are different.

They both:
love animals
love to be read to
can sit for a half hour at a time and look at books in their rooms
love to run and be silly with Daddy
want Mommy to be the last to tuck them in at night
love the same toys (usually at the exact same moment)
are sound sleepers
love to draw

What I'm most thankful for is that they love each other.


  1. That is just simply ADORABLE!! They are precious and I LOVE her curls!!

  2. Those are such beautiful photo's and they are such adorable kids! I'm glad they get along so well!

  3. Don't you just love it when they express their love to each other?! Mine are starting that now and I just can eat it up!! So sweet.


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