Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday - 5th Edition

I did not wear 11 different articles of clothing in order to stay warm on our trip.
I did not wear the same shirts for 4 days straight.
I did not forget about our dog the entire time we were gone until the drive home and I saw a dog in someone's yard.
Brian did not tip over the canoe when he was going out to fish before dinner.
I did not just blog about Brian tipping over the canoe despite him saying that we weren't going to speak of this...ever.
We did not break camp over an hour before the sun came up in order to get home to see the kids sooner.
No, that would be stupid and dangerous. We wouldn't go up the rapids in the dark.
Brian would never carry a canoe over rocky terrain in the dark.
I did not spell Stellan's name incorrectly and then proceed to take a bunch of pictures of my mistake.

Julia did not fall into the pond while we were gone.

I most certainly didn't laugh at her reaction at seeing this picture
of herself covered in green algae.

I didn't tear up this morning when I read the note Brian's mom wrote in the front of the movie she left for the kids.

I don't think the kids had any fun with their grandparents and aunt. We'll never leave the house again. The kids cannot survive without us!

Thanks Gene, Rena, and Sharon for taking such good care of our Sammy Sam and JoJo while we were gone!

I did not let Julia play with water in the bathroom sink while I put the finishing touches on my Not Me post this morning.
I did not hear the dreaded "uh-oh" and run in to find water running over the edge of the sink onto the floor. Nope. That would have been too predicable.

What didn't you do this week?


  1. OMG that is so funny!!! Loved your post!

    And might I add...I am SOOOOO glad you do NOT have the verification thing! I mean...not that I would avoid leaving comments on someone's blog because they DID have those horrid, irritating things....I mean, that would be shallow and lazy of me! LOL

  2. What a sweet family you have! Thanks for stopping by my blog; thought I'd do the same to you. Blessings on your Samuel James and the rest of the bunch.

  3. Loved your Not Me's ...especially the one about never speaking of the tipped over canoe again....can blogging technically be considered speaking though?? Love your header picture also!

  4. I did not feel somewhat satisfied that Brian tipped the canoe. After all, he did not get mad at me when I did the same thing at the same place last year! Nor did I laugh at JoJo when she looked at her algae covered hair and said "I durty."

  5. What a wonderful 4 days we all had. You and Brian had a chance to get some time alone and get some R&R (although portaging never did seem like a easy vacation to me) and Gene and I had a chance to be with the kids 24/7. I didn't think I could love anyone more than I do my hubby and children BUT there is always room in ones heart for the grand kids. Especially since they are the best, cutest, and most loveable kids in the world. Loved every minute of it!!!!!!
    Grandma Rena

  6. Oh my gosh! Poor Julia.. Sounds like a great vacation and you are a brave woman to go camping!


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