Thursday, October 23, 2008

Liquid Refreshments

Julia is starting to get on board with the idea of weaning. When she's tired or anxious she asks to nurse, but since we returned from the BWCA each day she is less insistent. Today was our best day yet. She never asked when she got up this morning. I kept her very distracted at nap time and she was happy to read a book in bed before sleeping for two hours.

I went out to dinner with five girlfriends last night so nursing was not an option at bedtime. Brian said it didn't bother her one bit. I figured if we made it through most of the day, we could make it through one more bedtime. We were so close I could taste it. It was a night to celebrate. The day my body officially became mine again. I have been pregnant or nursing all but one month since January of 2004. It was time to pop the cork on a bottle of wine. (It went great with that chicken pot pie I mentioned earlier. It was worth all the time it took to make it.)
We played a rowdy came of the Laundry Game* tonight as a family and wore the kids out before bedtime. I tried tot talk Julia into letting Daddy put her in bed, but she asked to "NU-nee". Uh-oh. I'd had a glass of wine at dinner so now what was I to do? I called her bluff. She took one look and let the subject drop (literally).

Post note: Now when she asks to nurse (like she did at breakfast Friday morning) I ask her where NU-nee went. She replies, "All gone!"

After two years and 10 days of liquid nourishment and bonding the milk bar is officially closed (and the wine bar open).

*The Laundry Game starts off by dumping all the laundry on our bed. At our house that usually involves about 5 baskets worth of clothes. Each child stands about six feet away next to a basket. Then the real fun begins. I throw clothes at the kids one piece at a time. They shriek, giggle, and dance around when they catch what I've tossed in their general directions. When the kids clothes are all doled out, the kids slide their baskets to their rooms, dump them on their chairs and then return for round 2(socks, diapers, and towels).

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  1. awww... how sweet. I know you're super excited to 'reclaim' your body but are you a little bit sad? I was sad when Ozzie weaned himself a few months ago... but then I remembered I had twins on the way. ! Ha!

    love the milk bar/ wine bar :)



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