Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's the tiniest footprints that leave the biggest imprint on our hearts

Stellan's here!

I was away from my computer all day so it was after 2pm before I heard the good news about Stellan's birth and good health report. It was hard to wrap my brain around the reality that he's here even when MckMama showed me the pictures on her computer of her beautiful son who was resting one floor above us.
With all that I was squeezing into one day, I wasn't sure if the kids were going to allow me to visit for very long. Turns out they were perfect angels and we had a nice change to talk. Here's the best part! I got to meet the sweetest, most perfect baby today. Seriously, he is precious beyond words and he has the strongest and bravest mom I know.


  1. Stellan has perfect slender fingers.
    Usually babies with heart conditions have fingers that are clubed and somewhat cyanotic under the nails.
    He is perfect..Praise God

  2. Hey, the photos DID turn out well! LOVE the foot one:) Thanks so much for the visit and sweet blanket yesterday! Did YOU make it? Wished we could have chatted longer, but I was SO VERY glad you could come up and meet Stellan. How sweet of you to post about him on your blog, too. You are a VERY true friend, Carrie.

    The housekeeper swept my floors today, and THEN mopped them. "They were very, very dirty!" Hah! All your kiddos' crumbs didn't bother me. I have only now just started walking. I thought it was funny, though! Amazing that your little pretzel munchers did as good as they did!!

    Love ya.

  3. It was most likely the highlight of your day to visit MckMama and Stellan! Lucky you!


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