Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beetle juice

Julia squatted down on the kitchen floor tonight after dinner, looking extra cute in her red fleece robe and wet ringlets and squealed an exuberant "Hi!". She put her face right down by the floor and said it again, "Hi!!!"

Then she picked up my shoe and BAM!

No more boxelder bug.


  1. That's so cute! We had hordes of boxelder bugs in PA.

  2. She must like boxelder bugs as much as her great grandmother did. One of the family stories handed down thru the years is when my mother wanted to get rid of the nasty bugs that were just all over one of the trees on the lawn. Someone had told her that if you put gas on them it would kill them and they would also take it back to the other bugs and kill them too. She did that, but they bugs still crawled all over the tree. (I remember the tree almost seemed like it was alive with all the bugs on it.) Well, she got really mad and lit the tree on fire. The neighbors saw the smoke, called the fire dept. and my mother never lived it down. Boy, did she get teased for that. They called her the Fire Bug Lady.

  3. That's hilarious!! My kids always run to me and say "get your flip-flop mom, there's a bug!" LOL. Nice that we teach them to be nice to God's creatures, huh??


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