Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Picture Perfect

In fact everything was so perfect at the apple orchard yesterday that when I saw these boards I knew we had to use them to frame the kids in a photo.

Yes, I know my daughter is dressed like a hillbilly. I assure you that is not how she left the house. I overdressed her in a long sleeve shirt and this was better than her overheating in the unseasonable 80's we're experiencing.

Her friends didn't care and since we had the whole orchard to ourselves, I figured we were safe. I doubt the goats, horse, and turkeys minded either. Speaking of goats....this is their hangout - their mountain so to speak. They climb right up the side of the barn using the ladder and then lay on the balcony built just for them.

This was built for the kids. They loved it!

They thought this was pretty fun too.

I wish the apples on our tree were close to the ground like this! I have to climb 15 feet up the tree to pick ours, but at $13 a bag for orchard apples, I won't complain.

All smiles because of a promised treat at the farm store on the way out.
Well worth the $3 for fresh apple doughnuts and cute smiles. :)

I also wish I had a tenth of the energy of these boys.

Did you think I was kidding about the goats?

What fun things does your family do in the fall?


  1. You captured some great photos! And your daughter did not look like a hillbilly! Okay, she did. But she was the most darling hillbilly I'd seen in a long time!! Thanks for the adventure yesterday. It was so fun!!

  2. over from stellans site. I love your photos and your work. Just a quick question for you. Did you take your apple with you to the orchard and ask what it was?
    Happy day!

  3. Didn't think she looked like a hillbilly until I realized she wasn't wearing a shirt under those bibs! Cutest hillbilly I've ever seen!

  4. What fabulous photos! The first one is precious.

  5. Love the pics - especially your kids with MckMama's in the "frame." And I really did think you were kidding about the goats - that's awesome!I wonder why they like it up there...


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