Monday, September 15, 2008

New Kids on the Block

Today was Julia's first day of school. She was a bit nervous. Can almost two year olds even get nervous? Perhaps anxious is better word for her clingy-ness and need for her paci.

This particular ECFE in our new town accepts kids from age 2 all the way to age 5. Perfect. No need for a babysitter for Sam. He took on the big brother role and led Julia to the van.

At school we got acquainted with the new building and new teachers.

Can you guess what the theme was for today? My favorite food. :)

Julia painted seven, yes seven pictures.

This is frozen paint - very fun and not as messy.
Note to self: There aren't any smocks. Don't dress kids in their nicer clothes.

Before we knew it, it was time to clean up and head into the other room for circle time.

Half of us moms have two kids in the class, but the teacher asked Sam if he wanted to sit by her for Criss-cross Applesauce. If you know my kids at all, you won't need to scroll down to the next picture to see how well that went over.

An old favorite! The Bang Bang Song!

The disappointing part of the morning was snack time. The kids were given sugar wafers. Where I come from that is a treat, not a snack. Then the teacher pulled out a DoraTheExplorer book out. Oh brother. I don't care what other families do, but our family does its best to steer clear of character books that our society feels the need to splash all over everything from fruit snacks to diapers.

Then I glanced down to see this:

My sweet little girl hasn't touched her snack. Instead she sat with her hands folded; waiting to say Grace.

While the kids ate the moms went into a classroom to do the obligatory get to know you stuff. I thought the parent educator did a great job. She had us go around and explain the reason we named our kids what we did. Pretty cool huh? (And since I was secretly trying to figure out why anyone would name their son, Guy, I was anxious to hear everyone's stories.)

All in all it was a great first day. I love having the opportunity to meet moms from our new town and interact with my kids in an educational setting.

Waving goodbye to her new friends...

No need for a paci now!


  1. Looks like Ethny and Julia would be good buddies, since they both like to paint so much :) Seems like a fun class to be a part of, even if the snack was sugar cookies.

    I am with you on the whole book thing. Have you heard the term "twaddle" before in relation to childrens literature/books? We are huge fans of "living" books.

  2. Cute story! I need to check out ECFE classes. The thought of having a 2 yo cling to my leg the whole time exausts me though.

    And I'm glad to hear mine isn't the only child addicted to his paci at this point. We're almost to the "only in your bed" point though. It's bad. Really bad. But good. Really good. :-)


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