Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's a mystery

We don't have a clue what kind of apples are growing on our apple tree.

What we do know is that they huge, tart, and they make excellent pies.

Maybe there's someone out there who can help solve the mystery?????


  1. hmmmm... don't know but I would LOVE to have an apple tree in my yard. I dream of living in the country with lots of fruit trees. :)


  2. wow, that is a big apple! Is the taste good? I am so jealous. We got through LOTS and LOTS of apples in my house.

    I have no idea on varieties though.

  3. They look like a Cameo but not sure. I would love a tree in our yard. You are so blessed!

  4. Looks like a COurtland to me.

    Looks yummy . . . to me, too!


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