Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Book Smart

Have you seen's great software for making photo books called Booksmart? I've blogged about some of the books I've made for clients, but my blog to book is only creeping along in the design process. My friend, Aaron, who owns a painting business, made me feel better when he said. "Don't worry, it took me five years to paint my own house."

So who does this book belong to you ask?


Blurb offers a new cover finish that I wanted to see the quality of before offering it to my clients. I'm happy to report that the quality of this finish is superb. If you are a Blurb bookmaker I would highly recommend this style where the image is printed directly onto the hardcover book with a stunning matte finish. It was the perfect excuse to order a book for myself in the midst of designing three other books, including a 110 page wedding album.

I selected 154 pictures that represented our first summer here in the park and created a 40 page album.

This is a sampling of some of the photographs I selected:

When I took a picture of this page I didn't realize it was out of focus. The actual book is crystal clear.

While I'm on the topic of designing in Booksmart, I'd like to offer this tidbit of advice if you use this free software - increase the size of each picture by converting them to a .gif
If you do this the crispness of the photos is outstanding. I now am the proud owner of a coffee table style book of MY family, MY life, and MY kids. As for getting my blog into a book....I've already slurped everything into Booksmart. (This is blurb's lingo for letting them link to your blog and transfer the posts you chose into a book.) Now when I don't have photography work to do I am slowly creating what will probably be a 400 page book. When you think about all the effort that goes into blogging and how quickly things get archived and never looked at again, it is well worth the effort to get it printed.

If this is something you've thought about doing with your blog, but can't find the time or creativity to tackle the project I can help!
I would love to make your blog into a book for you. OR if you have digital photos you'd like arranged in a book, say for a Christmas present for grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc..., I am now taking orders for book design. As for the costs, that depends on how big the project is and how quickly you want it done.

If you aren't in the Twin Cities area don't despair! This type of project can be done via email, phone, and I will mail you your keepsake when it is finished.
Leave me a comment with your contact info or email me directly at 4theloveoffamily(at)


  1. Carrie - I'd LOVE for you to do one of these for Jake's Baby Blog. It's been in the back of my mind for a while now... Would be a great Christmas gift for my hubby and I to give ourselves or even Jake's grandparents. My email is connected to this comment, feel free to email me when you have time and we can talk specifics :) Thanks! :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE photobooks! I made one for both Jack & Ella's first year of life (because I had ZERO time to scrapbook) and now will start to do one for each of them, based on the calendar year. I have used and and I love both, however snapfish has much more to offer at this point. I am going to look into getting a picture on the cover though - thanks for the info. I was wondering about the quality of those books. Awesome coffee-table book idea!!

  3. What a creative idea! I've never heard of it!!

    I def. am gonna think this over. It would make a great Christmas present for my inlaws who are SO HARD to buy for!

    Do all photos HAVE to come directly from your blog or can you also upload other photos from your computer?



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