Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You are special

We work very hard to make both our kids feel special and do our best to not compare Sam and Julia. One way we heap on some extra lovin' is to make the day of the month they were born their "special day". Sam was born on the 13th so each month on the 13th he gets some extra attention, gets to pick out what we eat (within reason) and gets a special privilege (watching a movie, one-on-one time with a parent of his choosing etc...)
Yesterday his special treat was to get a bagel from Target.
I sang happy birthday to him while we snuggled at bedtime, kissed the second freckle he got as a 6-7 month old and told him how much I loved being his mom.

It happens to be VBS week at our church so he was able to play with his new friends Savannah, Zach, Naomi, and a friend from the community center, Riley. The kids giggled as they batted a balloon back and forth, they tumbled into each other at the end of Ring Around The Rosie, and they each focused on creating a watercolor and crayon masterpiece during art time.

Soon preschool will start. In fact, I got the school supply list in the mail the other day and about cried. I am so happy that he'll be attending a Christian school only five minutes from home. He'll have 7 girls and 7 boys for classmates. How cool is that?! He'll be gone from 8:30 until 11:00 twice a week. Thanks to JMom's idea I think I'm going to start a chart similar to hers as well as a Bible verse to work on. We've had a very lazy summer as far as structure goes which was fine by me. We're going to savor the final days of summer before Sam heads of to school.

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