Thursday, August 14, 2008

More with Less - potty training

We're potty training Julia almost a year earlier than Sam and to be perfectly honest it's because we are trying to cut our expenses as much as possible. More than ever before I'm glad we invested in cloth diapers to fill in the gaps while she's training. So where does the More with Less lesson come in? Instead of buying candy as a reward for going in the potty I bought a bag of these TollHouse treats. I get more candy and spend less money AND I indulge my sweet tooth at night with a small handful.
I'm also getting more with less by using the old fashioned Gerber plastic pants instead of the fancier diaper covers. For less than the price of one cover I get three (better fitting) ones.

Other reasons we've decided to start potty training is that she talks so well and it's much easier to train in the summer months. It would be silly to wait until next summer. She's totally on board now so why wait?
With the warm weather we're having she simply runs around naked (less laundry!) when we're downstairs on the hardwood floors and wears a cloth fitted diaper when we're upstairs.

Today marks end of the first week of training. How is she doing?
1 accident in 5 hours this morning
8 times peeing in the little potty chair (I'm a big fan of the chairs where kids can go by themselves. It only took her a day to learn the cues that she needed to go so now any time she has the urge, she simply runs over and goes. It also means less times in a day that I have to ask her if she needs to go.)

My goal for the upcoming week: For her to be able to stay dry when she has undies or a diaper on. She wets her diaper more than she has accidents and considering that she's not wearing a diaper very often, that's an area we need to work on. All and all I am very happy with how well she's doing. We aren't in a hurry, we don't go out much, and she likes going on the potty.

What hints have you found helpful in training your kids?

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