Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Will Power and I are not on good terms

I've managed to maintain my "cold turkey" approach to eliminating coffee and soda from my life, but when it comes to junk food.... lets just say I'm not doing so well. We are also on an a very tight budget since Brian switched jobs back in May so every single dollar needs to be spent wisely. Tonight I was tested when the kids and I spent a couple hours at the Mall of America. I met a woman there to sell her the shelf that used to hang in Julia's room (loved that shelf, but didn't have any blank wall space to hang it because of the radiator). Since we were there we took advantage of our connections and went to Underwater Adventures for free and snacked on a smoothie and muffin from Starbucks (from a gift card from Brian's parents I got for Christmas). That's right. I spent 2 hours at The Mall and didn't spend a penny. Here's where I tripped up....I ate 1/2 a bag of M&M's during the drive there and back.

I wish I could honestly say it was the small gas station sized bag.


  1. Hah! Did you just read MY newest post!? We aren't on good terms, either:)

    Your blog colors and design are looking great!!!

  2. M&M's go down so easily, don't they? :)


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