Thursday, July 24, 2008

the view from here

If you've been online as late at night as I have lately you might have watched my blog template go through quite a few changes in a short amount of time. I learned a few things about HTML this week and tested out that ounce of knowledge on the template I chose. I was really hoping to be able to use the stretch template so I could display extra large images, but had to give up that idea when it was causing my columns to get wacky. I think I've got things back to 'normal' but have gotten some feedback saying that the text still bleeds onto the green. Anybody else notice anything out of whack?

Thanks for your input!


  1. Aaargh-it's still doing it. Maybe it's just my wacky computer at work.

  2. Looks all good to me right now...

  3. looks great here! It might be their screen resolution. I've had trouble with that before. isn't html fun! :)



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