Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here we go again

My family will be gathering at The Lake this weekend. The bar has been set high after last year's picture perfect weather and high attendance. The kids and I will be leaving the metro for the first time in.....Gosh. I don't know that we've left since Thanksgiving last year. I'm a bit nervous after the long drive to the Mall of America the other night was so difficult for Julia. We're leaving after traffic and timing it so the kids will sleep in the car. Sam has a giant bag of books to read and some small toys to keep him occupied. As each kid packed a backpack of things to play with at the cabin I realized that Julia doesn't have anything that she loves right now (unless you count whatever Sam is playing with). Doesn't that seem wrong? I feel bad that her bags are so empty. She has her 4 pacifiers, a flashlight, and six board books. Sam, on the other hand has a set of Thomas trains, an airplane, a horse, and 12 books. What are little girls her age suppose to play with? I don't want character type toys in my house (We made an exception for Thomas). Maybe I'll throw a baby doll in for her to care for. She'll love having her blankets and stuffed animals with - until she drops them to the floor.

I'll leave you with the slide shows I made from last year's reunion. Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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  1. Ethny has been alot like that, having an older brother. Nothing that she REALLY loves!! Except painting and reading books. Justin on the other hand, has his specific interests and no doubts about it! Is it the older brother thing, I always wonder??


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