Sunday, July 27, 2008

gone with the wind

Our 2nd annual family reunion may be over for this year, but we'll be telling tales of boat rides, fishing adventures, swimming in cold water, eating "sticky stuff", being afraid of the dogs, the night Thor started his face on fire, sleeping in a tent, and watching the next generation learn how to water ski for years to come.

It was a long ride home with two very tired kids who went to bed 3 hours past their bedtime each night so the rest of the pictures will need to wait for another time. I plan to spend some time in prayer for Mck Mama, who's in the hospital because of Mck Muffin's heart condition and for my baby sister, Kara, who's water broke earlier today.

1 comment:

  1. That photo is great!!!

    Glad you have so many tales to tell from your reunion!

    Thanks for being there for me, for being willing to pray, etc.

    Keep me posted on Kara, will you!?



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