Thursday, June 26, 2008

RUN Forrest Sam! Ruuuunnnn!!!

We were looking for a change of scenery on Sunday so we decided to walk up to the baseball field. Sam has been enjoying batting practice for a while now so we thought we'd acquaint him with a few more of the rules of the game. Brian made bases out of the gloves and explained that after he hit the ball he should run to each base. Wwwwhaaack!!!! We all stood and watched as the ball sailed over Brian's head. "RUN SAM!", we yelled... and he did...all the way to first base, holding on tight to the bat the whole way. Next lesson: Drop the bat before you run.

Then came the moment I will never forget as long as I live. It was the bat sailing through the air instead of the ball. He may hit the ball like his Daddy, but he throws the bat like his Mommy. (I broke the catchers nose once in a Jr. High softball league.)

I'm so glad I caught that first throw on "film" because he's never did it again. From then on he was running like a champ from base to base - even if he did run out of the baseline most of the time.

Maybe there's hope that Julia only inherited Daddy's baseball skills.

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