Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Goodnight John Boy

Some of the exchanges that are happening at bedtime around here make me think of the Walton home at the end of the day. Sam will not go to sleep unless he's given Julia her hug and kisses. Julia presses her lips between two slats in Sam's crib, puckers up, and waits for Sammy's smooch. Then with her arms spread wide Sam reaches through the slats and wraps his arms around his sister. This is all punctuated by the sound effect that makes it a BIG hug. You know the one.
The best part comes next. Julia offers her "yuv you" first and Sam chimes in with, "love you." Julia, instinctively finishes his sentence with "too." After a song or two and the appropriate bedtime snuggle items (Little Puppy, blue blankie, green hankie, and sometimes the stuffed (life size!) St. Bernard), Julia toddles off to her room or beyond depending on how badly she wants to nurse or "Nu-nee, Nu-nee" as she calls it.

In the last week she's started saying "yide" when she wants to nurse on the other side. I tell ya, I am torn on this nursing thing. She's not ready to give it up and there are moment when I don't think I am either, but when she's old enough to tell me she wants to switch's getting to be that time.

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