Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sink or Swim - Day 1 of Swimming lessons

Sam acted exactly as I expected for his first day of lessons. He ended up being the only one in the class. There are pros and cons to private lessons. The biggest being:
Pro - one on one attention
Con - no peer pressure

Here he is gingerly putting his toes in the warm water. Geez Sam, you're not THAT afraid of the water! Hurry up and get in and make it worth the $17 a lesson! Of course I didn't say that, but instead smiled encouragingly from the sidelines.
First Eric had Sam pour water on his shoulder, then his cheek and then his face. Each time having Sam repeat each step on himself. He was easily distracted, but came around and eventually put his face partially in the water to talk to the toy under the water.

It was slow going, but in the 30 minute lesson Sam got his face wet without screaming and floated on his back. Can't wait to see what kind of progress he makes tomorrow! I'll need some excitement after being up so late tonight. Some teenagers wanted to camp here tonight. Problem was they didn't bring camping gear. I found them walking in the woods instead. Yeah. That doesn't fly with me. What kind of mom comes into a campground, makes a reservation with her daughter and then goes home - leaving me responsible for the growing crowd of recent high school grads? I'll tell you! The kind of mom I call at 11pm and say that I refunded her daughter for the campsite and sent them all home.

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  1. Oh... aren't swim lessons fun! My boys went through a period when they hated it... but now they love swimming.

    that is crazy about the 'campers' no gear. What were they going to do??? Ha!



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